An Angry Man

An Angry Man


Words & Photographer – Ruth Ann Cutler   2017


Beneath the threat of a coming storm to be,

I met an angry man upon my path.

Sweating of rabid hate,

and villianousness distaste.

Looming over me with weapon in hand,

he swelled like a hot red air balloon as he angrily asked,

“Who the fuck are you, but beneath me?!

Kind Sir, I said, I walk this path of do no harm, for love.

My journey can’t be explained, or spoken, it must be lived.

Every step taken, must be of the shyest steps.

For not, to disturbed the pearl lilies of the emerald, sapphire pond.

Every word spoken, must be of the kindest whisper,

heard inside a quiet wind.

As not to disturb even the slightest of petals,

of the gracefully painted cherry blossom tree.

Hello, my wandering friend, I am honored to meet you.

My name is Peace.

The Angry Man


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