Monday Blessings

Namaste and blessed morning to my garden patch. I hope my humble words, finds you bathing lovingly, in plentiful bestowments of Mother’s warm golden rays.  Across your battled marred beauty and weekend weary bones.  Today, may we know, that loved ones, find you able and capable to still say and know who you are.  May we be blessed to know your car keys are near and not left in the back of some sultry unknown, hookups car, or on exhibition as witness of a devastated aftermath.  And to all that manage to avoid the wells, that are still stunningly, standing tall.  May we also know that, your home wasn’t broken or far off.  And a six foot well wasn’t required for any of your branches, pedals or blooms in your gorgeous garden, including yourself of course.  Have a beautifully fantastic, rainbow producing weeks.  If your light can’t be brightened, brighten somebody else’s.  Peace my beautiful garden.  Be good to one another.

Ms. Ruth Ann Cutler



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