Words and Illustrations

Ruth Ann Cutler



Executed sacrificial lambs, broiled crispy,

and burning hotter as time flies skewed.

Caramelized deeply in deepening scarlet crimson hues.

Peppered, seasoned, and liberally salted with the shredded pieces,

and tattered threads of peace, and equal liberties.

A Blazing winter’s cold brings about,

squealing Innocent babes, and howling wolves,

Blackening like wildfire, throughout all dissolving realms,

and empires.

Spiraling in a fiery, young and old,

kaleidoscope of melted familiar faces,

and newly haunted places.

In bloody whole, chunky pieces of splintered blisters,

and spines.

In a hastily accumulated casserole of boiling boils, and bones,

Smokey charred, and grilled beautifully, beneath ill blossoming skies.

Sweeten finally, and heavily with the misty flavoring of dissolved

and evaporated tear coated eyes.

And continue to wake and bake.

Till swift, cremated darkness inters me, mis amigos,

and our families in deafening hues,

and brilliant flashes of eternal light.

Hazel, green, black, brown and the blues too.Goodnight




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