A Serial Lament

A Serial Lament.
Oh Johnny, oh Johnny.
My dear sweet boy child.
Forget sleeping tight under,
the silvery moonlight.
Try with Biblical strength and might.
The thirteenth day has stirred the creatures,
with promised evil delights for this cold,
Friday evenings treat.
Green, red, yellow and purples,
in ghastly crimson, shaded hues.
Monsters, trolls, spellcasters
and goblins galore.
Things that slithers, crawl,
slices, scratches and probe.
From under the unholy grounds of a
forgotten cemeteries and unmarked graves.
Swamps, Bogs, Crypts, laboratories,
and fallen castles atop of jagged mountains
and cliffs.
Anything you, me or they can imagine.
Things with fangs of assorted lengths,
snake skins, tentacles and lizard scales.
Hairy things and abominable beasts.
Giants, mutants, shapeshifters
and abominable creations.
Some with Alien intentions and others,
still dead and hungry for a feast,
on your tender brains, fingers and toes.
Things not seen and things,
you’d wish, only rattled chains.
The damned, from hell, Ouija boards,
and electric chairs, smelling of flesh and hair sent a cinder.
Folklores, legends and nightmarish sinners
from lunatic asylums, dark forests, gloomy attics
and moldy basements.
Mortuaries, and tombs full of warnings and curses.
From hidden upstairs rooms, sheds, closets and
even from under your bed, my dear sweet boy child.
Oh Johnny, oh Johnny you are safe if you stay with me.
And I’ll love you, for the rest of your life.
So, don’t worry, or cry my dear boy child,
I’ll keep you till all fears leave you.
Sleep tight my lovely boy,
don’t let the bed bugs bite.
If you get scared and need your old Mother,
I already tucked her tight.
But kept her sweet face in the bed next to yours
if you should have a nightmare.
Sweet dreams my dear sweet Johnny boy,
Goodnight, your new Mother loves you.
~ Ruth Ann Cutler 2017

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