Purple Lace

Purple Lace

Sheltered within a purple lace boudoir,
smelling of heated dampness,
spilt wine and burning passion.
Through timeworn windows and doors,
in open reveal.
Curtains of willowy lace, flitter a peek-a-boo expose
with the celestial moons and twinkling stars.
Mounted within the enflamed aura of burning splits of oak,
framed in stone.
Thunderous, crashing crescendos
from borderline shores, consume two engulfed,
entwined lovers.
Voided and surrendered fervently,
to the spinning hands of time.
Whilst the nightingales on nearby rustling branches,
plays a slow tempo, carnal concerto for the flame
haired gypsy girl, smelling of sweet rose petals.
Seized breathlessly under his angelic face, full of youthfulness,
and wispy ginger curls.
Soft fingered, sighs escape her scarlet lips,
when his tentative hands of doe skin trace over,
and around her voluptuous curves.
Gently over misty warm peaks,
and moist salacious mounds.
Across flirtatious satin curved torments,
And throughout secretive tufted hollows.
Embraced within her lover’s innocent playfulness.
Every crested mound, every quivering line,
and glistening valleys, were brought to sensual anguish,
and torment.
Every sweeping curve, every hidden hollow,
were elevated minute by never ending minutes.
Hour by steamy hour, with velvety warm enchantments.
Every dream, fantasy, wish, desire and vision,
fulfilled, with every kiss, touch, every whisper,
whimper and primal screams.
Every nerve and sense were tormented till final
release under the trailing, moist rose petals lip of Eros.
Two lovers, spent upon two, heirloom woolen weaves,
lost within their translucent fantasies.
Divinely caught within a torrent of their interlaced ecstasy.
And a tangled heap of green and blue woolen checks,
upon a, round fringed Persian.

2017 ~ Words and Illustartions ~ Ruth Ann Sayers


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