The Seasons – Two. Love’s welcoming

The Seasons – Two.  Love’s welcoming



Frostily upon fields of jaded blades, draped in cerulean, amid a million or more brittle diamonds, glistening anew through the hazy golden morning. Garlands brushed in pastels, spring forth, through fragmented drops of white tufted fleece.

Gracefully pirouetting in soft flowing Honeysuckle bliss, on feathered notes, the young Misses gather beneath the warm citrine brightness.  Misses Jasmine, Lily, Lilac, Michelia, Daphne, Rose, lovingly arises to fill the cool wispy air with their intoxicating promise.

As the Old Man retires for yet another few seasons more, the tall, and once angered silhouettes, take their leave.  Amidst the stillness of defeat, they’ll bow to the returning blooms.

Fledgling blossoms of earth and Heaven, with some many seasons more, renew.  Some with waggy tails, but most with bare wiggly, giggly toes, with tousled perfumed hair on whispered daydream wishes.  Love always returns with breezy stolen kisses, dreamy eyed glances and moonlit dances.


2017 ~ Words and Illustrations ~  Ruth Ann Cutler

Painting Titled:  Premier jour de printemps. – First day of Spring




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