The Seasons – Three. Summer’s Desire

The Seasons – Three.  Summer’s Desire


Silhouetting, frolicking shimmering emeralds, framed in multi-shaded indigo.

Beside splashes and dashes of hurried,

hovering specks of grayish hues, and shimmering pearls.

Enchantingly romanticized everywhere in daydream reflections

and far stares.

Conceived, impassionately through the stinging eyes of strain and perspiration.

Crashing wearily from unkempt disheveled hair following,

agonizing arduous periods of personal devastation, for you to behold…


A fantasy, laboriously conceived and delivered feverishly,

by the small delicate, tender tips of Aphrodite’s brushes and palette.

A vision of vivacious dancing flames,

highlighted in blinding hues of ambers and gold.

Fixed against the warm rising sun, wispy, spidery, lilac scented silken threads,

glowing in the salty air of facetted rubies embers,

hypnotically weaves you deeper into the catacombs of a siren’s spell.

Embraced lovingly within a delicately freckled, soft pastel angelic form,

two bashful smoky cat eyes, of misty ocean green gemstone flecks,

illicit long forgotten memories of Nymphs from the time of the First Ages.

With Tosses of flames to the wind and impish titter,

she’ll enslave your sanity and wishes within a million sweet cherry blossom kisses.

She’ll fuel the angered flames underneath the caldron of your deepest desires,

whilst her glistening lips of moist scarlet kisses and flowing transparent violet silken lace.

Flickering of topaz sequins and cascades of rainbow beaded fringes.

Waterfalls across, and down a solitary wanton shoulder, radiating of fair warm peaches.

While gracefully spilling in drapes, and ribbons of iridescent vibrancy down her succulent arms.

With each crashing wave of as she whirls, entranced by your gullible lust.

Hopelessly you’ll plunge eternally mesmerized with her distant melodies,

as they hauntingly mingle with the crying Gulls.

She’ll enslave you mind, body and soul within the temptress’s exotic ebb

and flowing carnal lines and laces.

Tributaries of shimmering lace coursing between two ample peaks.

Adorned with stiffened rosy buds, flushed by the drifts of cool morning air.

Pirouetting in adagio down her downy feathered curves,

and draping around two ivory smooth statuesque legs.

Criminally against her soft naked firm cusp,

hemmed fringe, playfully caresses tender flesh,

whilst luring you with their seductive tentacle across the blazing sands.

Under the budding heat of your loins and the invited sun of August,

she’ll bewitch you and leave you scorched,

like the shimmer glass stage, beneath her bare bejeweled feet.

Her innocent fascination will surrender you,

Just another fallen victim to her coy allure.

Yet, the Goddess dancing a thousand Maidens dances,

admire her, only from afar.

Or risk your heart, and soul’s consumption in the mounting firestorms,

that promises to discard you into a million and more dying embers.

Leaving you a worthless shell, voided and barren.

With only faded floating echoes of a million and more, I love you’s,

whispered, and adrift.

Lost under thundering waves, inviting sea breezes,

and elusive vanishing memories.


2017  Words and Illustrations ~ Ruth Ann Cutler

Painting Titled:  Coucher de soleil d’e´te´ – Summer Sunset


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