The Seasons – One. An Endless Time

The Season’s – Finale.  A Pause in Time


Contrasted within a motionless time,

the warm pine musically yields softly beneath shodden souls,

with a slow tempo harmony of sighs, from this glider, agelessly oxidized.

Underneath an arid eve, roughly milled with blood,

sweat, and scarred callused hands.

Arctic air stirs of crackling fat back, eggs and splintered hickory logs.

Sweetening the emergence of the golden citrine star,

coming home through the Morning Glory heavens.

Framed in white tufted evergreens with etchings of multi-colored billows.

Firm hands achingly conceal the steamy, chipped and cracked

embodiment of melty mellows at rest, in Hershey’s best.

Upon the leas of satin white, shimmering of translucent depths of cobalt and golden heights.  Abounding Grey hares playful join orbs of flighty reds and blues, while cautious doe eyes watch behind the groves.

Grandpa’s jacket of leather with Granny’s quilt upon my shoulders,

Like their thick soft coats and feathered plumes, warmly keeping us till the bitter eases with the returning blooms.

2016 ~ Words and Illustrations ~  Ruth Ann Cutler


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