The Mirror

The Mirror
By Ruth A. Cutler

Tattered, dog chewed oak legs, worn and faded, hidden in the darkest corner of this room, it’s holding captive an oval frame of the same quality. The beveled, silvered glass has flaws, which delights me all the same. Under the golden haze of the single candle near my foe, I see the chips and cracks from years of thrown implements, of society’s torture devices. While it sat there in judgement, as I fought and pleaded for my life. Serves you right, for all the pain and sleepless nights as you sat silently, smirking with devilish delight!
Sunny days were denied as you left me crying from dawn’s early rise, till it’s fall. All the damage you’ve done, the scars immersed in your pleasure, left me shattered and stitched together with your wicket lies. Until finally…
Finally, I was spent and emptied, I couldn’t scream anymore. Years of applying this or that, just so your taunts could turn me into a clown with flowing tears. The time has now come, I shall be released, it’s time to say, Goodbye. Taking with me all of my faults, failures and imperfections, far from your corner full of shadows and lies. Away for the rest of my life. Away, until I would finally cut deep enough. My soul was yours to devour and keep, as I prayed to be carried away for all eternity.
I stand before you one last time, naked and bare in the shadows. I want you to see all the scars you’ve caused, one last time in your preferred setting. One last look, before I blow out this candle for one last time. Gaze upon all of my stretch marks, fat rolls, lumps, and bumps, hairs that needs plucking or shaved, one more time in this dim light. Soak in all that you made me hate through years of torment, because today I say goodbye.
The sad little girl that you created, standing before you naked and bare is leaving you for good today. So study my nakedness once more as I run my hands over this body, I had hated for so long and forever. All defects, flaws and self-inflicted scars. Behold your trophy, the ghostly vision of this damaged little girl, before I say goodbye to you and all your snickers and lies.
In this, my shadowed tomb, with my flesh bare and exposed, I’ll blow out this candle, to stand in this darken room on last time. With all exposed, I’ll throw open these drapes, to embrace the truthful beautiful splendor, of this body, flaws and all. Cottage cheese thighs, stretch marks, wrinkles, scars, rolls, peaks, valleys and one lazy boob, and never will I have your shame to hide.


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