Get Your Shit Together

The time is upon us, the calling is happening and our inner hunger for expression drives us through sleepless nights. This is the time to take to pen, microphone or brush and paint the world as you see it. What wounds you, heals you, inspires you and lifts you up. You only have a little... Continue Reading →


An Angry Man

An Angry Man   Words & Photographer - Ruth Ann Cutler   2017   Beneath the threat of a coming storm to be, I met an angry man upon my path. Sweating of rabid hate, and villianousness distaste. Looming over me with weapon in hand, he swelled like a hot red air balloon as he angrily... Continue Reading →

Monday Blessings

Namaste and blessed morning to my garden patch. I hope my humble words, finds you bathing lovingly, in plentiful bestowments of Mother's warm golden rays.  Across your battled marred beauty and weekend weary bones.  Today, may we know, that loved ones, find you able and capable to still say and know who you are.  May... Continue Reading →


Criminal:   Ricocheting around the violent, spinning hands of time. Recoiling the wished upon stars, tears and snow, falling like copper casings.   Echoing whitewashed reminisce, of the ravaged, passages of herstory. Rocketing through bloodstained boulevards, in a flighted Bird, targeting glory, on overheated, Michigan treads.   Spinning through the seasons, with the spinning lead... Continue Reading →

A Never-Ending Need

In graceful shattered, liquid greyness. In flowing capturers, of brief, Heavenly reveal. Weary pools, of calamitous blacken silk. Hidden beneath ageless anguished, sorrows and silvery shrouded silence. Cloaked distinguishably in top and tails. Mirrored in shades of night-fallen obscurities. Breathtakingly coupled beside twin anxious mares. Drawn for a sinister, jewel box coach.   Beholding the... Continue Reading →

A Serial Lament

A Serial Lament. Oh Johnny, oh Johnny. My dear sweet boy child. Forget sleeping tight under, the silvery moonlight. Try with Biblical strength and might. The thirteenth day has stirred the creatures, with promised evil delights for this cold, Friday evenings treat. Green, red, yellow and purples, in ghastly crimson, shaded hues. Monsters, trolls, spellcasters... Continue Reading →

Purple Lace

Purple Lace Sheltered within a purple lace boudoir, smelling of heated dampness, spilt wine and burning passion. Through timeworn windows and doors, in open reveal. Curtains of willowy lace, flitter a peek-a-boo expose with the celestial moons and twinkling stars. Mounted within the enflamed aura of burning splits of oak, framed in stone. Thunderous, crashing... Continue Reading →

Had I…

Had I…   Had I, a great husband… I would never know the world the way I do. I wouldn't have needed to look. Had I, not the husband of nightmares… I wouldn't have ever learned how to dream. Had I, a husband who never made me cry… I’d never know tears of happiness. Had... Continue Reading →

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